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Willow Woods Photo Album

Check out the fun happenings at Willow Woods!
Pre-K Class

This class has a lot of energy.  These smart and talented kids are beginning to excercise their bright minds.  Learning and preparing for their next milestone... KINDERGARTEN!

3&4s Class

This class is full of our big kids who have graduated from the 2 year old class with photos proudly displayed on the "Potty Wall of Fame".  Music, crafts, and play abound in this class.

2 year olds

Ms. Pam loves her kiddos - sheparding them to the potty, helping them burn some energy running around the class, singing songs, and learning with fun activities.


Play, Naps, and Lunch rule this room.  These tots have found their feet and are learning how to use them.  It's all about exploring while the teachers maintain a watchful and protective eye on these fledglings.


This is the room for cuddles, hugs, and milestones.  It's hard to believe that in less than a year these babies work their way from learning to hold up their own heads to walking.  Simply amazing!

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